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Announcement from Kelley Adamson

I would like to inform each of you that I have made the difficult decision to leave A&M Forensics and Engineering, Inc., to continue to work for you under Adamson Engineering, LLC.  I will be leading a fantastic team of industry experts, whom you may know through A&M Forensics and Engineering.  As always, we will continue to use cutting edge technology and trusted methods to reach our opinions and conclusions. Another constant you can continue to count on is the integrity and character of each one of our staff members as well as our commitment to you, the client.


There is no need to expect any interruptions in the cases you have trusted to us as the files will remain with the assigned expert. I am very excited to introduce the Adamson Engineering team:


Kelley Adamson, M.E., P.E., President/CEO


Nicholas Kasner, P.E., Traffic Accident Reconstruction Specialist


Dusty Arrington, Traffic Accident Reconstruction Specialist


Bryan Corb, Traffic Accident Reconstruction Specialist, DOTD Compliance


Randolph (Randy) Bauder, EIT, Traffic Accident Reconstruction Specialist



Administrative Staff:


Carla Adamson, Vice President/CFO                         Carla@adamson-engineering.com

Debra Krebbs, Administrative Assistant                   Debra@adamson-engineering.com

Brianna Dossett, Administrative Assistant              Brianna@adamson-engineering.com

Alison English, Accounting                                            Alison@adamson-engineering.com

Kelly Mahan, Accounting                                              KellyAnne@adamson-engineering.com


Adamson Engineering is proud to offer the same commitment to our clients that you have come to expect and trust. These characteristics will not change or be compromised during this transition. The differences you may notice that reflect the separation between Adamson Engineering and A&M Forensics and Engineering will be different logos, office phone numbers, and email addresses. Our mailing address will remain the same.


We are sincerely grateful for your business, your support, and your friendship that spans more than two decades. It will be our sincere privilege to count you as part of the Adamson Engineering family if you so choose to join us. We are very excited about what this change means for us and the future it creates for us. We encourage your questions if there should be any.





Kelley Adamson, M.E., P.E.

Adamson Engineering, LLC


Local: (979) 307-5341

Toll Free: (800) 435-5359