Randolph Bauder


Adamson Engineering would like to Introduce to you Randolph Bauder

Randolph E. Bauder, E.I.T.

Associate Engineer

Randolph (Randy) is ACTAR (accreditation commission for traffic accident reconstruction) certified and holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University, an Associate of Science in Mathematics from Blinn College, and is in the final stage of obtaining his Professional Engineer (PE) license.


Randy currently investigates, inspects, tests, and reconstructs vehicle crashes. His experience includes hundreds of traffic reconstruction cases involving tractor-trailers, passenger cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians. In addition, he holds numerous certifications which qualify him to inspect CMV brake systems, download and interpret passenger vehicle data including infotainment systems, as well as CMV data, and to perform crash reconstruction simulations.


Prior to joining our traffic reconstruction team, Randy was employed by Texas Transportation Institute (TTI). During his time there, he built and calibrated falling weight deflectometers (FWDs) for TxDOT. Part of his duties included testing, maintaining, and repairing the mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic subsystems within the FWDs.


As a Lead Designer of his senior design team at Texas A&M University, Randy led a team that successfully designed, built, and implemented a high-speed automated production machine used to manufacture drug and explosive detection devices. This machine and the products it produces are still in use today.


Outside of his professional experience, Randy has always enjoyed working on cars, both modern and classic. His knowledge extends to engines, electrical systems, and automotive mechanics. This passion gives Randy real world experience both inside and out of the traffic reconstruction field.

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